Schools & Youth

Adventure through learning.

Sbri Cymru works with a wide variety of schools and youth groups, running courses that range from skills development courses such as Climbing & Abseiling, to personal development courses designed to improve a young person’s self confidence, self image and social skills.

Activities for Schools and Youth Groups

Our outdoor education programme for schools can range from a half day session on your site to a week long residential expedition at our activity centre. We run a wide range of Activities and events to suit your needs, from Orienteering to Gorge Walking.

Our main focus within our school outdoor education programme is adventure through learning. So as well as taking on new challenges and having fun, each activity will promote team building, introduce new skills and give students a better understanding of the outdoor environment.

We are happy to tailor sessions to meet your needs. If you would like to discuss a bespoke package , please Contact Us.

Curriculum Links

We work regularly with school groups from Year 4 upwards, to provide curriculum linked courses and activity packages. Our clients range from large private schools and colleges, down to small village state schools. By working closely with schools we can provide outdoor learning that links in with the syllabus. Examples of this include Geology & Fossil Studies, Flora & Fauna and River Studies. Contact Us for more information on these courses.

Through our Activities we aim to help students achieve a range of learning outcomes across a number of subject areas, such as geography, science, citizenship and P.E. For most, this is a new and exciting learning environment which offers a variety of character building challenges.